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$81.60   •   6 x 1.5 Liter

Kaqun Water

Kaqun Drinking Water is clinically proven oxygen-rich water with a refreshing, smooth taste. The revolutionary technology behind Kaqun Water allows a high level of oxygen to exist in a unique, stable, and bound form that promotes quick absorption by the body, restoring its natural balance and enhancing overall well-being.

Kaqun water is a unique development that can cease hypoxia, namely the state of a lack of oxygen in the body, without side effects, due to its high content of bound oxygen.
The water is made by a proprietary electrochemical process, which offers scientifically proven oxygen absorption qualities for the body.
The oxygen in Kaqun water penetrates the tissues, where it is immediately absorbed by the cells to reenergize mitochondrial respiration.
This process occurs quickly, reducing mental and physical tiredness within a short period.

• The result of more than 17 years of scientific research.
• Its oxygen content is exceptionally high and stable.
• Free of carbon dioxide.
• Clean and refreshing.
• 100% natural, with no oxygen supply from an external source during production.
• Free of preservatives, additives, and flavors.

• For maintenance of tissue oxygenation, consume 2-3dl (deciliter) of Kaqun drinking water at an interval every 2 hours throughout the day.
• Kaqun drinking water is best served either chilled or at normal room temperature.
• Do not boil or freeze the water as it might cause Kaqun drinking water to destabilize its oxygen content.
• For best results, consume Kaqun drinking water on its own without mixing it with other beverages.
• You may supplement your Kaqun drinking water intake with other types of water or beverages to fulfill the daily requirement.
• Kaqun drinking water is clinically proven as safe and will not interact or interfere with any medications.
• Kaqun drinking water is suitable for consumption by pets.

Adults: At least 2 to 6 glasses (0,5L to 1.5L) over the course of a day.
Children: At least 50% of their daily drinking water requirements over the course of a day. For example, if your child normally drinks 4 cups of water a day, at least 2 of those cups can be Kaqun drinking water.
Infants: Please consult your pediatrician as to how much water your baby or infant should consume.
Pets: 30 to 50ml/kg depending on the animal’s general health and activity level over the course of a day. For example, if your pet weighs 5kg, it should consume between 150ml to 250ml of Kaqun drinking water over the course of a day.
Kaqun is bottled in BPA-free PET bottles at the source, Heredicse source Bükk Mountains, Hungary.
Made in EU Kaqun is bottled in BPA-free PET bottles at the source, Heredicse source Bükk Mountains, Hungary.

Kaqun Water
Kaqun Water
Kaqun Water
Kaqun Water
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