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WIWE is a measuring device that monitors the properties of the user's cardiac activities:

• Records a clinical-grade ECG anywhere, anytime and evaluates it without any help from a clinician.

• Reports are stored on your smart device in the health journal.

• Results can be shared as PDF with family members or GPs/clinicians.

• Arrhythmia, stroke and sudden cardiac arrest risk assessment, blood oxygen and heart rate measurement, bradycardia, tachycardia, extrasistole, ventricular conduct disorder.



Just place your thumbs or pointing fingers on WIWE's sensors.

No unnecessary cables, patches.

Measurement reports are easy to interpret and forward.



Recommended by cardiologists.

CE mark in medical device category.

Instant evaluation with 98.69% accuracy.



Instant evaluation.

No need to wait months for an appointment.

Always at hand.

Comprehensive results in 1 minute.

WIWE – ECG Testing Device

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